Hard Boiled Keksters is Kekleberry's latest collection featuring ultra-fun little keksters—hybrid eggs with multiple personalities reflecting human sentiments and Web 3.0 moods. The genesis collection of these keksters is fully inscribed on the Bitcoin Ordinals, and this new Ethereum collection is available for free minting to those on the allow list. This includes Kekleberry holders, Brekkies on the Beach NFT holders, and those who have been added by our many partner communities. This first expansion features amazing work by all artists in the Kekleberry team including our anon advisor, alongside other talented and well established crypto artists and illustrators: Moxarra, Ytje Veenstra and Tom Abbink.

Episode 1: Introducing Keksters!

Episode 2: Keksters on the Loose!

What is the total supply?

Our expansive collection comprises a total of 6969 pieces.

Are there various type of rarities involved?

Indeed, our collection includes a variety of rare Keksters that stand out for their distinctiveness and rarity.

Tell me more about the art.

Personality-Based Keksters: Our Keksters have been uniquely crafted to reflect the spectrum of human emotions. From the exhilarating peaks of joy to the restless nights and low points, our diverse range caters to every sentiment.

Every Kekster in our collection has been thoughtfully and meticulously hand-drawn to bring out the character's personality. Far from being generic, each piece features distinct shapes, colors, and traits that accentuate its uniqueness.

Which Kekster resonates with your emotional state?

What's next?

As creators and artists, we prize originality and creativity above all else. Our project is far from being formulaic or generic; each endeavor we undertake starts with a fresh, blank canvas, fueling our passion for innovation and unique expression.

We'll leave this to your imagination. We may be eggs, we may be shells, but we are possibilities in an infinite well. Come hungry!

Lastly, we're excited to collaborate with DappRadar for our launch and to be featured in the Auckland Art Show, one of New Zealand's most prestigious art events.

Official ERC-721 Smart Contract Address:


Official Owner Wallet:


Creator Royalty Fee: 5%

OpenSea Filter Registry: ON

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Free Mint

Mint is complete!

Hard Boiled Keksters went live on Ethereum at 10 AM Eastern USA time (2 PM UTC) on 22 May 2023.

The Team Behind Keksters...

Kekleberry/HBK Founders


Rutger van der Tas


Shinji Akhirah

0xMj_ (Alumni)

The HBK Artists

Ideation and Initial concept: Jetski & Moxarra

Visual & Line Drawings: Moxarra, Rutger van der Tas

Visual Leads: Rutger van der Tas & ejthek

Brand/Design: Jetski & ejthek

Supporting Artists & Illustrators: ejthek, 0xMj_, Ytje Veenstra, Tom Abbink, Shinji Akhirah.

Tech/Dev: ejthek

Game Development and Video: External contractors + story by Kekleberry Team.